Formally Lola & George, I decided in 2022 to rebrand back to my original brand  Lapin + Wolf (2013-2016) – there's been a few circumstances behind the scenes over the past year or so that's convinced me that I needed to go back to where it all began - back to my original roots.

Lapin + Wolf is named after my eldest son Cooper who was born in 2013 - the same time I launched what I do, he was given a sleepytot rabbit cuddly at birth that he still carries everywhere to this day, and our old dog Wolf (a large siberian husky) - he and Cooper were inseparable and I had started to write children's books about their adventures together, I depicted Cooper as his rabbit (lapin) alongside Wolf (our dog), as that was easier to work with / imagine at the time.

So, welcome to my small business, my heart and soul - located in the Waikato. Lapin + Wolf is run solely by myself (Anna), around busy family life with our three young kids (Cooper, Ollie and Sophie), with occasional help from my husband (Tim).

Graphic & Interior Design has been a huge passion of mine for over 15 years now and I love spending my time creating and sourcing both curated and self created art by supporting a wide range of local & international artists with commercially licenced products with the occasional self drawn design.

Lapin + Wolf is all about supplying unique and affordable posters and prints that incorporate the fundamentals of both imagination and style - making them perfect for all spaces big and small, from 5x7 through to A0 sizing.

All of our 5x7 – A2 printing is done in-house from my Morrinsville home office/studio, so you can be rest assured that your order will be handled with the upmost quality and care. A1 and A0 posters are outsourced locally here in the Waikato, supporting local businesses.